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Stallions videos

To make it simple and faster I placed the videos into different stallion categories (A, B, C,...). 1291 videos are gathered here so that you will be able to find most of the German stallions and many others... If one of them doesn’t work, don't hesitate and inform me.

The videos are divided into parts:

  Jumping video

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Dressage video
  Eventing video
  Stallion in freedom

Tips for the videos :

Tip 1: To visualize the majority of the video it will be necessary for you to have Windows media player and Quicktime. If you don't have them you can download them for free by clicking on these links.

Tip 2: If you have difficulties reading a video, click on the right button of your mouse and click on "save the target as". Then you can view the video from the place you saved it on your hard disk.

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